Venus Freeze


The demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments has increased dramatically in the past few years. Today, we demand effective treatments that deliver excellent clinical results and that are comfortable and safe. Offered by FLUID Day Spa, Venus Concept Freeze® is a revolutionary technology that offers non-invasive skin tightening, cellulite reduction and circumferential fat reduction. Freeze® treatments have grown quickly in popularity even drawing the attention of many National Television shows where it will be featured next season.

Venus Freeze Packages

Face & Neck This includes 6 weekly treatments and two follow up, maintenance treatments 3 & 6 months after the final weekly treatment. Body Area (8 X 11 inches) 8 Full weekly treatments Body areas are: Upper Arms, Stomach, Obliques (love handles), Back, Buttocks, Upper thigh, Cellulite Treatment Individual Maintenance Treatment for Body or Face Performed every 3 – 6 months after the last weekly treatment as needed. Eye Treatment 8 treatments in total 6 Treatments for eyes, 2 maintenance sessions at 3/6mos Neck and Jaw line 8 treatments in total 6 Neck and Jaw line treatments, 2 maintenance at 3/6mos All Inclusive Package 8 Weekly Treatments of up to 6 areas and choose either 4 maintenance for the face, or 1 maintenance treatment for each of the 6 areas selected. Click here to contact us TODAY to book your consultation!

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