Body Treatments | FLUID Day Spa

Enjoy a Body Treatment to help detoxify and remineralize your body. Our Body Treatments by Beauty Through Balance infuse natural Pacific ingredients to restore your body and mind.

Wrap and Relax

Price: $149.00

Duration: 90 minutes

A Body Balancing Treatment followed by a 30 minute Fluid Focus Massage.

Body Balancing Treatment

Price: $125.00

Duration: 75 minutes

The ultimate relaxation ritual. Starting with a Green Tea & Seaweed Salt Glow followed by a warm seaweed frond applied to areas of stress or discomfort to stimulate healing and skin renewal. Next, the body is wrapped in warmed Canadian Glacial Clay to infuse vital minerals and dispel accumulated toxins. The treatment is completed with a hydrating mist and seaweed body butter application to leave the skin deeply moisturized and protected.

Smooth and Relax

Price: $120.00

Duration: 75 minutes

A Green Tea & Seaweed Salt Glow followed by a 30 minute Fluid Focus Massage.

Green Tea & Seaweed Salt Glow Exfoliation

Price: $90.00

Duration: 45 minutes

A full body exfoliation treatment that incorporates raw ocean elements of pure Pacific seaweed and sea salts which are infused with a range of vital minerals. Finished with a hydrating glacial mist and seaweed infused body butter application.

Organic Back Treatment

Price: $90.00

Duration: 45 minutes

This purifying back treatment targets dead skin cells, impurities, and also brightens on hard to reach areas of the back. Extractions are included.