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Date Posted: April 26, 2018
By Susie Santos

When looking at the skin and understanding its function, I often describe it as a slice of cake made up of frosting and two moist spongey layers. The Epidermis is the outer most layer and is constantly exposed to the environment.  Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors affect our skin.  Did you know that 90% of skin damage is caused by sun exposure?  As time goes on the speed of our cell turnover rate slows and signs of aging is more visible.

Next is the Dermis, it is made up of collagen, blood vessels, elastin and fibroblasts.  Both collagen and elastin are responsible for skin strength and elasticity.  Degradation of these fibres result in laxity or sagging of the skin.  Fact, collagen stops producing in our mid to late 20’s and a reach progressive decline in our 30’s, by the time we’ve reached our 40’s we have lost about 10-20% of our collagen.  YIKES!!  But not all hope is lost here, you may not get it back but you can restore what you have.  Collagen and elastin also aid in tissue development.  YAY!!  So, the more we “circulate” the better it renews itself.  It’s the same as working out to increase our metabolism to burn fat.  When we increase the metabolism of our skin we can get better use of our products and therefore, visibly see tightening and lightening on the surface.

The last layer, our subcutaneous fat is there to regulate our body’s temperature and protect our muscles and bones.  Here is also where the relay of nerves and blood vessels from the dermis to the muscles occur.  When we can infuse our skin with quality ingredients we can essentially press pause on aging.  By improving the elastin fibers, you then get collagen thickening (skin shop talk) this results in an improvement in tone and texture.  And that, my cake loving friends, is the trifecta of skin renewal!

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